The teaching courses funded by the Jean Monnet Chair focus on the role of news media and journalism in the emergence of a European public sphere.

Combining a cross-national comparative approach to European journalistic and news cultures with a hands on coverage of current European issues, the teaching activities explore the complexities and challenges regarding the reporting on Europe and the European Union.

Learning Objectives

Appreciation of the variety of European journalistic cultures and the heterogeneity of the European media landscape

Understanding of the challenges faced by the emergence of a European journalism and a European public sphere

Awareness of of ‘Europe’ as a distinctive issue area  

Acquisition of key investigative, analytical and reporting skills regarding the covering of issues from a European, rather than national, point of view

Undergraduate Courses

(1) ΔΗ 4900 Reporting the EU: Trends and Developments,  ΕΕ-Ευρωπαϊκές-Ειδήσεις-ΜΜΕ-syl1, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1168887043157913/?notif_t=added_to_group_reminder&notif_id=1475751420155902

Selected Videos – Undergraduate Student Class Presentations


(2) ΔΗ 5000 EU for Journalists: Policies and Policy-Making,  ΔΕΟ-syl2, Students  blog entitled, https://euinsightblog.wordpress.com

Post-graduate Courses

(3) Ε 212 Communicating European Integration, Επικοινωνία-της-ΕΕ-syl3, https://www.facebook.com/groups/277216709379652/

4) EUJ 210 Advanced research seminar on European Integration and Journalism,  Syllabus-Reporting-Europe-syl4, https://www.facebook.com/groups/661289840707569/?notif_t=group_invited_to_group (5) EUJ211 Diversity and Media in the EU, Media-Diversity-syl5, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1278811112154585/  (c) https://www.facebook.com/pg/media.jour.auth.gr/videos/?ref=page_internal

The teaching courses provided and funded by the Jean Monnet Chair were awarded twice.  A Commendation Award (October 2016) by the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences, and an Excellence Award by the Rector of the University in January 2017.


Selected Post-graduate Student Projects & Papers 

Dutch Parliamentary Elections 2017,#2
French Presidential Elections 2017, #3
Euroscepticism in Poland, #4
Immigrants-Refugees Differences and Commonalities in Reporting, #5
Islam-Muslims in European Media, #6
Muslim – Terrorist Stereotypes European Media, #7
Cultural Diversity in the EU Today, #8
Diversity and the Media in the EU, The role of journalism, #9
EU Foreign Policy & Defence, #10
Integration of Refugees EU, #12
European Media and conflicts, #13
Russia, EU and the Western Balkans, #14
EU Global Security and Development Strategy, #15
EU and Greek Media, the refugee crisis, #16
EU Environmental and Security Strategy, #17
Russia, President Putin and the European Union Media, #18
Reporting the EU Institutions/Policies, #19
Turkey, Erdogan and EU, #20
EU History, Institutions, Legislation, #21
Terrorism, Islam and Media, #22
Image and Legitimacy of European Union, #23
Portrayal of Immigrants and Refugees in the European Media, #24
Refugee Crisis, #25
Geopolitical Changes and Risks, #25
Terrorism-EU, #26
Religion and Freedom of Speech, #27
Transnationalism and the de-centring of belonging: minority media and the Russian diaspora, #28
Covering Contemporary Conflict: Visions for the European Approach to Peace, #29
Europe and Climate Change Migration, #30
Euroscepticism and the diffusion of populist framing in Europe, #31
How Mass Media in different European countries have covered the Euro Crisis, #32
Opportunities, Challenges and Limits of European Journalism, #33
The EU and the Migrant Crisis:Risks and Challenges for an Ageing Continent, #34
Europeanisation and Eurorejectionism, #35

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