Jean Monnet Chairs are interactive teaching and research programmes funded by the EU which aim at excellence in the field of European integration. This Chair is the only European academic chair devoted to the study and research of European Integration Journalism, understood as an academic and professional area that explores and covers political, economic and social issues explicitly from a ‘European’ rather than a ‘local’ and ‘national’ perspective. Beginning in September 2016, this Chair mainly provides a coherent undergraduate and postgraduate teaching under the direction of Dr. Christos A. Frangonikolopoulos, Assoc. Professor of International Relations at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications (http://www.jour.auth.gr) of Aristotle University (http://www.auth.gr).  



The Chair does not only focus on theoretical issues or descriptive accounts of ‘European Journalism’, but also on  practical issues and skills that are in short supply in Greece. Through various publications and workshops, it  brings together academics, students and journalists, combining lectures and seminars with training and practical issues, with the following objectives:

  • the promotion of a different approach regarding issues European Integration
  • the employment of young researchers with knowledge of European news and European Integration
  • the development of tools, that can provide guidelines and resource materials that media professionals, journalists and students currently need in order to report European news and European Integration