Research concentrates on European Integration News and Journalism.  Not only how to report the EU, but also on how  to develop a ‘European Perspective’ that can operate as a counterweight to the methodological ‘national angle’ in reporting. In particular, research will focus on reporting and writing about the EU, reporting what the EU is and how it really works and the challenges and prospects of European Integration Journalism (trends and tools in EU investigative journalism, investigating transparency, the role of lobbyists/interest groups in EU institutions, access to documents etc, trans-border journalism). 


Article to be published  by the Journal of Greek Media and Culture , ‘Media events, infotainment and nationalism amid a crisis. An approach of the televised ‘Amphipolis spectacle’. 

Article on post-truth and European Integration Journalism (in Greek). Published for Books’ Journal, Issue 78, June 2017.  ΕΕ και ‘μετά-αλήθεια’

Presentation  “There and back again: Post-truth, post-propaganda or just…propaganda?” Panel Post-truth and the Media, at Bournemouth University, England, Center for Politics and Media Research, July 11th 2017, Workshop 10-11 July Politics on the Post-truth era. With the British Referendum on the EU (June 2016) and the decision in favor of Brexit, the workshop will explored the underlying themes and implications of this phenomenon including: Is post truth really new, What does a post-truth campaign look like, Why might beliefs influencing voting behaviour over logic and reason, How does post-truth link to the marketisation and professionalisation of campaigning, What does post-truth tell us about the current and future state of democratic engagement and of democracy itself.

“Media coverage in the post-truth era: The case of refugee and financial “crises” in Europe” , “RN18 – Sociology of Communications and Media Research” at the 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Athens, 29 Aug. – 1 Sept. 2017.

‘The financial and refugee “crises”: Discursive practices and narratives on Europe in the northern and southern public spheres. ‘, Tuning into the Noise of Europe, Conference The Hague University of Applied Science, 18-19 January 2018.

‘Narratives of the European Crisis and the challenge of post-truth,’ (in Greek) Symposium of the Network of Analysis of Political Discourse (Hellenic Foundation for Political Science), 15-16 December 2017.

‘Regimes of truth in the communication and reporting of the European Union’, Journal of Media Critiques, 3(12): 59-77, 2017.





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