19 May, 2019, “European Elections 2019: How crucial are they for the future of the European Union?”, International Association of Greek-French Journalists & European Commission Office in Athens,

The future of the European Union and the issue of democratic legitimacy”, Seminar of the Hellenic Foundation of European and Foreign Policy – Institute of International Economic Affairs, Athens, May 16

Kύκλος σεμιναρίων αφιερωμένος στις επερχόμενες Ευρωεκλογές

“Fake News – Post-truth”, Institute of Balkan Studies, Thessaloniki, 19 March, 2019

“EU- Democracy and Disinformation”, Seminar of the Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation, Thessaloniki, 23 November 2018,

“News: What and how we “believe”: the importance of news literacy for Democracy” 2nd nation-wide Greek Media, Information & News Literacy Week on 19-26 November 2018, Journalists about Journalism, in collaboration with the Peace Journalism Lab at the Department of Journalism and Mass Media of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Παραπληροφόρηση και αντιμετώπιση της προπαγάνδας στη ΝΑ Ευρώπη

2nd Thessaloniki Academy on Security, 5–9 November, 2018, presentation on “Contemporary European Security Challenges”, Center for Security Studies, presentation

Europe Direct Greece-European Parliament Delegation Seminar for Journalists on the European Elections of May 2019, presentation on the “Media and the European Parliament”, October 30, 2018

May 8 2018 “The Menace of Fake News”, – International Book Affair Thessaloniki March 27 2018: “Fake News and the European Union”, European Commission Office Athens – High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation

Speaker at European Parliament Office (in cooperation with La Republique En March – Acropole, on the “Future of the EU”, 18 June 2018. Presentantion published by The Books’ Journalγνώμες/item/2758-se-anazhthsh-enos-neou-patadeigmatos-gia-thn-eu

“La faute ‘a l’ Europe?”, French Consulate Thessaloniki, 7 November 2017

Debate on the subject of Terrorism, Security and the European Union, 14th International Book Exhibition Thessaloniki

“The Communication and Democratic Challenges of the European Union”, at the simulation of the town council meeting (60 participants) of the non-governmental organisation “The Youth of Xanthi”, 24-26 March 2017

March 28 2017: Guest speaker to the Media Awareness Programme of the Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Centre, Kilkis, Greece

November 14 2016: Lecture,  MEDIA AND EUROPEAN INTEGRATION (Nato Rapid Deployment Corps, Thessaloniki, Greece).   November 8 2016: Speaker,  European Media, Crises and Civil-Military Cooperation (Hellenic School of Civil – Military Cooperation, Thessaloniki, Greece).


Guest Speakers

Lecture by Sophia Pappaioannou, Investigative Reporter of ALPHA TV, on the Prospects of Investigative Journalism in Greece and Europe, 14 May 2018

Lecture by Irene Lioumi (10 May 2018), a Greek journalist and reporter of the TIME magazine. She participated in the year long Finding Home project, charting the path of three Syrian families seeking sanctuary in Europe, starting with the birth of their children in the bleak refugee camps of northern Greece. Continued reporting for this project is supported by a grant from the Pulitzer Centre on Crisis Reporting,

Lecture by Roger Woo, Senior Journalist of the Finance Channel, – China, , on the topic China and Europe, How Europe is being reported and conceived by the Chinese Media 2017  

Lecture by YANNIS KOTSIFOS, journalist, director of the Macedonian-Thrace Press Association  and member of the governing board European Association for European Journalists 6  December 2016 Lecture by YANNIS BEHRAKIS, war reporter-photographer of REUTERS on the European Refugee Crisis, 23 November 2016

15135770_10154242998299895_4844428541554307249_n win_20161206_122052

Educational Trips

In December 2018, 10 students visited Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC to explore disinformation’s impact on democracy and what the press can do amid the era of fake news. The initiative was undertaken by the Peace Journalism Lab, the Jean Monnet Chair in collaboration with iDeas Lab Transnational Threats Project, which assess the threat and evolution of terrorist, insurgent, and criminal networks, and examines the impact of government policy responses and produces analysis for policymakers, intelligence analysts, corporate executives, and leaders seeking to understand, prevent, and thwart transnational threats. The result was the publication of a feature article, published by CSIS with the following title: Is Disinformation Threatening Democracy? The 2019 European parliamentary elections and how news organizations can respond

Is Disinformation Threatening Democracy?

Trip of 21 MA STUDENTS (European Journalism, Risk Communication) 6-8 December 2016 to the European Union, Brussels (European Parliament, European Commission) co-organized with the Office of the European Parliament in Athens. See student videos:


2017 19 May, Workshop Seminar, EU and Media of the Periphery, of the Greek delegations of the European Parliament and the European Commission, in collaboration with the Jean Monnet Chair and the Macedonian-Thrace Daily Newspaper Editors’ Union workshop 

May 4-5, Jean Monnet Chair, in collaboration with the Macedonian-Thrace Daily Newspaper Editors’ Union workshop ASPECTS AND CONCEPTS of EUROPEAN JOURNALISM

Workshop presentation: PPT1

Διήμερο Εργαστήριο από την Έδρα Jean Monnet του Τμήματος Δημοσιογραφίας και ΜΜΕ και την ΕΣΗΕΜ-Θ, για την Ευρωπαϊκή Δημοσιογραφία

2018 April 19, Athens, Jean Monnet Chair, in collaboration with Greek Journalists and Correspondents, workshop on Greece in European News and the European Union in Greek News The world of European and Greek News

See video presentations:

2019 April 20, Larissa, Jean Monnet Chair, in collaboration with #pressEU_NextGen and the Thessalia, Central Greece and Evia Daily Newspaper Editors’ Union,  workshop on Media and the European Elections of May 2019ειδήσεις-%0A-δράσεις/σεμιναριο-για-δημοσιογραφους See videos:

April 8, Thessaloniki, Jean Monnet Chair, in collaboration #pressEU_NextGen and the Macedonian-Thrace Daily Newspaper Editors’ Union, workshop on Journalism, Journalists and the European Elections of May 2019

Σεμινάριο δημοσιογράφων για την κάλυψη θεμάτων της ΕΕ και των ευρωπαϊκών εκλογών στην ΕΣΗΕΜ-Θ

Πραγματοποιήθηκε το σεμινάριο του ΑΠΘ για τις ευρωεκλογές

See video:

23 February, Komotini, Jean Monnet Chair, in collaboration with #pressEU_NextGen, Europe Direct, workshop on What Journalists need to know about the European Elections of May 2019


See video: 

Actions related to the European Elections May 2019 and the Media

In light of the European Elections of May 2019, the Jean Monnet Chair, in collaboration with Peace Journalism Laboratory of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and #pressEU_NextGen project organised a series of actions with young voters, academics, citizens, local municipalities of Thessaloniki and journalists  to discuss the past, present and future of the European Union, as well as the advantages of European Integration.  This joint effort led to: The publication of two guides for the European Elections, one for young voters and one for journalists

Guide Media_2019 Guide Young Voters_2019

The organisation of two flash mobs, in collaboration with the Orchestra MOUSA – Thessaloniki Concert Hall and the Mixed Choir of Thessaloniki, May 20, 2019 See videos:

Εκδηλώσεις του Εργαστηρίου Ειρηνευτικής Δημοσιογραφίας του Α.Π.Θ για τις ευρωεκλογές

«Αυτή τη φορά ψηφίζω» με τη συμμετοχή των φοιτητών του Εργαστηρίου Ειρηνευτικής Δημοσιογραφίας του Α.Π.Θ

The organisation of an open public discussion on the policies of the European Union regarding the Arts and Culture, 12 May

Ανοικτή εκδήλωση με θέμα «Ευρωπαϊκές πολιτικές για τις Τέχνες και τον Πολιτισμό»

The organisation of a pop concert to celebrate Europe Day, 11 May

Ανοικτή συζήτηση για τις «Ευρωεκλογές 2019» στο ΑΠΘ

The organisation of an open public discussion on the European Union, Human Rights and Values, 7 May

Ανοικτή εκδήλωση με θέμα: «Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση, Ανθρώπινα Δικαιώματα και Αξίες» στο Δημαρχιακό Μέγαρο Θεσσαλονίκης

21 April, Participation in the “Mobility Fair”of the Annual Erasmus General Meeting- AGM Thessaloniki 2019

The organization of a workshop seminar on Social Media, Disinformation and the European Elections of 2019, April 15, Athens, the Jean Monnet Chair in collaboration with the Commission Office in Athens, Inside Reporter and pressEU:nextgen, AGENDA 150419_H Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση στην εποχή των social media



The School of Journalism and Mass Communications of Aristotle University Thessaloniki and the Jean Monnet Chair co-organised the 1st, 2nd and 3rd (2017-2019) Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy.

EVALUATION REPORT OF THE SUMMER SCHOOL, ThISAM 2018 – Assessment Report 2018 (w.n)

Videos on the communication challenges of the EU and NATO, Photographs of the students and staff, Photographs of event, school

Award Ceremony, Mobile Uploads Staff, speakers and programme of the event,

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