MA European Journalism


The English-taught Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Media, Communication and Journalism ( at the University of Aristotle is the first of its kind among Greek public Universities, reflecting the steadfast commitment of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications to innovation, excellence and international outlook. The program adopts an interdisciplinary perspective to the key forms and practices of communication and journalism, and is addressed to graduates of various academic backgrounds, as well as to already employed professionals, media practitioners and researchers, who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills in response to the changes in contemporary media.

The completion of the program awards participants a Master’s degree in one of the following three pathways:

  1. European Journalism
  2. Risk Communication
  3. Digital Media, Communication and Culture

Christos Frangonikolopoulos is the Coordinator of the European Journalism pathway (, which focuses on the role of news media and journalism in the emergence of a European public sphere. Combining a cross-national comparative approach to European journalistic and news cultures with a hands on coverage of current European issues, the pathway explores the complexities and challenges regarding the reporting on Europe and the European Union.



Learning Objectives

Appreciation of the variety of European journalistic cultures and the heterogeneity of the European media landscape

 Understanding of the challenges faced by the emergence of a European journalism and a European public sphere

 Awareness of the rise of ‘Europe’ as a distinctive issue area

 Acquisition of key investigative, analytical and reporting skills regarding the covering of issues from a European, rather than national, point of view


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