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Christos Frangonikolopoulos ( is Associate Professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications (, Aristotle University ( He studied Politics and Government (BA Honors) and International Relations (PhD) at the University of Kent at Canterbury (England). He has worked as a diplomatic newspaper correspondent (1995-2003) and advisor to the Greek Parliament (1997-2003), as well as a professor of European Integration History and Politics (2003-2016) at the Hellenic Open University ( where he is also the academic director (2016-) of the Master’s Program in Contemporary Journalism Studies (σύγχρονες-δημοσιογραφικές-σπουδές/4538-σύγχρονες-δημοσιογραφικές-σπουδές).

41o9suycksl-_sx258_bo1204203200_146909In Greece, he is the co-author of the textbook The European Union in the 21st Century Hellenic Open University, 2008, author of the book The Global Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (I. Sideris, 2007), co-author of the books Greek Media and Foreign Policy (Ι. Sideris, 2011), An Introduction to Cosmopolitan Democracy and Global Governance (I. Sideris, 2010), Theory and Aspects of International Conflict Resolution (I. Sideris 1994), editor of the book Media and Society in Greece (I. Sideris, 2005), and author/co-author of over 30 chapters/papers in edited volumes and peer reviewed journals, as for example:

  1. “Politics, Media and NGOs: The Greek Experience”, Perspectives on European Politics and Society, 2014, 15(4): 606-619.  new-perspectives-european-politics-society 
  2. “Reinforcing global legitimacy and efficiency: the case for strategic discursive public diplomacy”, (with F. Proedrou), Global Discourse: An interdisciplinary journal of current affairs and contemporary thought, 2014, 4:1:49-67. global-discourse
  3. “Public Diplomacy: How to think about and improve Greece’s neglected component of foreign policy in times of economic crisis”, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 2012, 8(3):185-193. place-branding
  4. “Global Civil Society and Deliberation in the Digital Age”, International Journal of Electronic Governance, 2012, 5(1): 11-23.jieg
  5. “Foreign policy and the media in Greece: Marking a shift from confrontational to peace journalism”, International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 2010, 6(2):243-249. journal-of-media-and-cultural-studies
  6. “The Media and Foreign Policy: The Case of Greece”, Etudes Helleniques/Hellenic Studies, 2007, 15(1):161-187.hellenic-studies1
  7. “Non-governmental Organizations and Humanitarian Action: The Need for a Viable Change of Praxis and Ethos”, Global Society, 2005, 19(1)
  8. “Tanzanian Foreign Policy: The Proportions of Autonomy”, The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, No. 387, 1988.round-table
  9. Strengthening Greek Public Diplomacy: Present Conduct and Future Potential, Discussion Papers in Diplomacy, Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’, No. 124, 2012.clingendael
  10. Seizing the middle ground: Cosmopolitan Democracy, its critiques and possible steps forward for global governance, with F. Proedrou, FP7 Project CR:EEN-Global Re-ordering: Evolution through European Networks, October 2012, No.
  11. The Six-Nation Initiative: Origins, Organization and Policies meeting-the-challenge-of-global-securitythe-six-nation-initiative-for-disamanent

Recent publications/work:

New Book Introduction to Global Politics (in Greek), Epikentro Publishers 2018,

New Book on the Democratic Legitimization of the European Union (in Greek), Epikentro Publishers 2017,, cover 01_Σχέδιο 1 (1) 

Democracy in the European Union” (in Greek) in N. Maravegias (eds) The Development, Organization and Politics of the European Union, Athens, Kritiki Publications, maravegias

“Greek Foreign Policy and the Media: The need for new journalistic and communicative practices” (in Greek), in A. Passas (eds) Politics and Institutions of post-194 Greece, Athens, Papazisis Publications, %ce%b8%ce%b5%cf%83%ce%bc%ce%bf%ce%af-%ce%bc%ce%b5%cf%84%ce%b1%cf%80%ce%bf%ce%bb%ce%af%cf%84%ce%b5%cf%85%cf%83%ce%b7%cf%82

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